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Capabilities- Riakoob Jewelry



Each piece of designed at Riakoob Jewelry is researched and conceptualized by our talented staff of merchandisers and designers. They impart their own unique touch to each and every piece of Riakoob Jewelry's wholesale fashion line.





Working with Riakoob Jewelry we have the unique capability to cater to your wholesale jewelry needs by working with you to custom design your own unique line. We sit you down with our designers and work out all of the kinks from design to finished samples ready for production.





When you work with Riakoob Jewelry you are also working with the manufacturers that we have been dealing with since the beginning. We hold them to a high standard of quality and are able to work closely with them in order to get you the finished product you deserve.





Your line is unique, you have a great price point, now all you are missing is the customer. Draw their attention with our custom designed packaging. Our team will cater to your needs in providing quality boxes, cards, or even PDQ displays to suits your vision for your custom line.





Build a retail program from A-Z with Riakoob Jewelry. In addition to the custom lines we can create a retail program that sells. We will merchandise and organize your line in displays that best suit you and your customer for a more comprehensive and professional look.





With Riakoob Jewelry’s replenishment programs you don't ever have to worry about reordering or running out of your favorite Riakoob styles. Simply choose your best selling items and we will track your inventory to make sure we always keep our shelves stocked just for you.



With Riakoob Jewelry's DropShipping service you get access to over 5,000 products you can add directly to your store. All types of jewelry from rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces - each with a set of highend resolution images. Check out our DropShipping Page today. 






When you come in for your first meeting with our development team at Riakoob Jewelry we sit down with you and take a sampling of your aesthetic profile. We want to learn what trends and styles pique your interest. Or perhaps you already know what you are looking for. Our skilled product development team is here to help match similar styles of your unique taste.


Once we have a better understanding of your aesthetic needs, its time to talk customization. Perhaps a style catches your eye but you want it plated in rose gold with a pave of CZ’s. You say the word and we will begin working with our factories to produce samples for your custom line.


With your custom line all picked out we are now ready to start producing samples. We work closely with all of our factories to ensure that the quality and craftsmanship of all of our pieces are held up to a high standard. Once samples are produced we present them to you and make any necessary changes in order to take another step towards a finished product.